What's in a Brush Tip Marker?




What are the best brush tip markers?

Alcohol based brush tip markers can be expensive. Copic markers, arguable some of the best markers available, well known for their alcohol based ink quality, color blending ability, and durable brush tips, can be considered too pricey for most artist marker users.

So what are the best cheaper alternative markers and what to look for in a brush marker pen?

 Well, that depends on what you want to accomplish with your marker use! Brush markers can be used for a variety of different applications depending on the type of the brush marker nib and the type of the ink. Brush markers can be great for calligraphy, coloring, blending, different sketching and drawing applications, coloring books, design, illustration, manga, cartoons, sketch and more!

Milo Art Supplies has two different types of brush markers available. One is our standard Milo Markers with alcohol-based ink. The standard Milo Markers come in sets of 24 and 48. This brush tip marker is very affordable, has medium flexibility, and useful for calligraphy, wide brush stroke coloring, blending and fine point coloring. All Milo Markers are dual tip markers with a brush tip and chisel tip.

Affordable Brush Markers 

The Milo PRO markers have one very distinguishable characteristic that differentiates them from other markers. The Milo PRO markers have a rubber brush nib. Why use a rubber brush nib? Why is a rubber brush nib better than fiber brush nibs? The Milo Pro rubber brush nibs have superior flexibility and durability. Best of all, the rubber brush tip marker nibs do not fray or lose shape. The Milo PRO markers include a colorless blender marker and blendable alcohol ink. That’s why Milo PRO markers are considered to be one of the best Copic alternative brush markers. Try them out yourself! 

What’s your experience with brush tip markers? Share your thoughts and your artwork with us. Use #madewithmilo to be featured on our social media sites!

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